Unique, Custom Photoshoots for Events

Diorama creates custom photo shoots with one-of-a-kind set design and editorial quality photography. This is not your typical photoshoot; we have a whole team of creative professionals who will translate your vision into a photographic scenario and the best photographs you’ve ever had.


From Concept to Creation

We work with you from concept to creation. We’ll design a scenario based on your vision and our skilled artists will produce a full scale set based on these designs. Next, we bring in a world class studio photographer to do the shooting. There’ll be assistants, a creative director helping your guests, giant lights and huge spectacle. Photos are edited and printed on site. With limitless branding options, both in the set design and on the prints, you can be certain that it’s an experience nobody will forget in a hurry.

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Canada Wide Coverage

Diorama is unique in Canada providing full ‘advertising style’ photo shoots and we offer our services across Canada and North America.

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